Friday 27th, November 2020

Research & teaching

I am an assistant professor in Operational Methods and Logistics at the University of Twente (Enschede). My activities include doing research, giving lectures, and assisting graduate students. I provide the following courses: simulation, warehousing, management of technology, supply chain and transportation management, stochastic models for operations management, project process control and production management, project production and logistics management. My research involves multi-agent systems, auctions in transportation, behavioral issues in freight transport, pricing in freight transport, dynamic vehicle routing problems, AGV routing, ranking and selection problems, optimal learning, approximate dynamic programming, simulation optimization, discrete-event simulation, and simulation of logistic systems.

Curriculum vitae:

Click here to download my curriculum vitae.

Research Interests:

  • Sustainable logistics
  • Health logistics
  • Simulation
  • Multi-agent systems
  • Auctions in transportation
  • Behavioral issues in freight transport
  • Pricing in freight transport
  • Dynamic vehicle routing problems
  • AGV routing
  • Stochastic search
  • Optimal learning
  • approximate dynamic programming

Teaching experience:

  • Management of Technology, L-track (master course)
  • Simulation (master course)
  • Supply Chain and Transportation Management (master course)
  • Warehousing (master course)
  • Stochastic Models for Operations Management (bachelor course)
  • Project Processes and Process Control (bachelor project)

More information:

More information about my research activities can be found here.

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